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Hey! Welcome to the all new Final Days LAN website! as you probably have noticed we have been gone a few years, but now we are back and bigger and better than ever, we now have our own network gear our own servers and we will have an all new venue to announce soon, as always before create a Website Account which will allow you to keep up to date on our events, access our forums, allow you to register for events and much more.

FD LAN is designed to be a bit different than most, with a lot of the lans around at the moment they are losing the focus on gaming which we think really sucks, and as a lot of people have noticed the newer games are losing their LAN play abilities in favour of on-line gaming, so because of that we are going back to basics (no I don't mean 100mbit, we have a fully gigabit network!) we will be focusing on games and getting everyone playing the same games, and the games we play will be closer to the 'classics' because while sometimes the newer games look flasher there is a lot of fun to be had in the older games which is why we play games like the following, Farcry (including Farcry2), Warsow, COD4, TMNF....AND ALOT MORE!
We will be having competitions in all of the games as well, official competitions can be found on the Games list at the right hand side once the event has been announced.